Friday 18 October 2019


Posted '2:30pm bells' Friday 18th October 2019

*The telly fixtures for December and January finally came oot yesterday, nearly a week after they were supposed to---and now we naa just why, az its a totally chaotic shambles!

Wor game at Sheff U on Tuesday 3rd December haz been moved to THORSDAY 5th December for live transition on Amazon!
Because of this wor home game v Sooothampton on Saturday 7th December haz been moved back a day with a '2:00 bells' kick off and iz NOT on the telly!
I am sure the travellin Sooothampton fans will not be 'happy bunnies' with the prospect of a forced owerneet stay in the north east, az it will be impossible to get a train on Sunday morning from the south cost and make the kick off!

We arnt the anly ones of course who must now play on that Thorsday, with games moved back a day because of this!
Amazon are showin 3 games on the Tuesday, 5 games on the Wedinzday and 2 games on the Thorsday--- with eethaa '7:30 or '8:15 bells' kick offs!

And then on Boxin' Day we must travel to 'The Theatre of Muppets' to play Moan U in a 5:30 bells' start!  (Nee trains on that day!)
Alang with Amazon, we have live games on SKY and BT az well!
(See TV changes in the article below)

Again, we arnt the anly ones who arnt 'happy bunnies' az Liverbird's fans must travel to Lestaa on the same day with an '8:00 bells' kick off time!  Their supporters have demanded that AALL Boxin' Day games kick off at the traditional '3:00 bells', but Amazon hold aall the aces and their demands will fall on 'deaf ears' for certain!
Man City arnt happy eetha az they will have to play 2 games in 46 hours for live telly! ----It's a total shambles for aall concerned!

Of course NUFC must travel to Villa az well, for wor 14th (FOURTEENTH!) Munday away game in a row, for a live game on SKY on 25th November----We are just 'daft Geordies' after aall, and will torn up anyway!
It's 'the law of the jungle' and Amazon (sic!), SKY and BT rule OK!

Amazingly, we travel to London tomorrow to take on Chelski in a '3:00 bells' kick off!----that's reet!---'THREE BELLS' with nee live telly!!!, meanin we can get there and back on the same day---which iz a 'novelty', to say the least! (We have appeared 6 times on the telly so far and are due to appear anothaa 7 times before the end of January)

A full match report on the Chelski game will appear here on Sunday, sometime! 

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