Thursday 24 October 2019


Posted '4:07pm bells' Thorsday 24th October 2019

SOS---Save Our Stadium!

A decision on whether developers can build tower blocks next to The Gallowgate Stand will be taken by the City cooncil next month!
Local Central Newcasil MP, Chi Onwurah, haz got in on the act and sent a letter (below) against the development, alang with 700 othaas who had objected to to to scheme (including The Geordie Times)
The 10,000 strong 'Newcastle United Supporters Trust' (NUST) have aalso engadged a solicitor and sent objection letters/E mails!

To be honest, we've nevaa had much time for Chi, but we welcome 'with open arms' hor support against the scheme and hope that it will have some impact on the cooncil and help persuade them to 'chuck the application oot'!
Below this iz an article we published just ower a week ago, outlining wor objections!
There iz STILL TIME to send in an objection and the address to send your letters/E mails to oppose the planned tower blocks, iz printed in that article!

Pleeze do so and Save Our Stadium!

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