Saturday 26 October 2019


Posted '1:47pm bells' Saturday 26th October 2019

'The Ronny Gill' reports that Andy Carroll (pictured above in action!) will MISS wor game against Wolves az he haz felt a slight 'tweek' in hiz groin and 'Broken Nose Bruce' iz takin nee chances and iz restin him!

Fabian Schar iz said to have a knee injury (which iz 'nee' good!)(sic!), while Isaac Hayden iz suspended!

Meeenwhile!---Matt Ritchie and Florian Lejeune have been spotted in trainin' this week and are in contention!

WE reeely must try to win this game and take advantage of  Wolves, who have been on a European adventure to Bratislava on Thorsday! We can anly hope that they are knackered after their lang jorney home!  

Bizarrely, because of a loophole and stadium ban for Bratislava supporters, there will be 21,000 local SCHOOL CHILDREN inside the stadium instead! (Little 'BRATS' no doubt!) (sic!)Anyway!---it doesnt matter aboot that---az lang az we score a few goals on Sunday, which total 5 in 9 Premyaa Leegue games so far!---Failure to score and we will have wor worst goals tally after 10 games in 126 years (since NUFC joined the Futbaall Leegue in 1893!)

But just where will the goals come from?, with Carroll crocked and Joelinton not firin' on aall cylin
ders! (1 goal in 9 games from wor £40 million man!) and £20 million man 'Miggy' Almiron still to score, since he signed last January, it doesn't look good!  

Meenwhile, NUFC are oot of the bottom 3 thanx to a hat-trick by wor 2nd top goalscorer last season, Ayoze Perez!
Unfortunately it wasn't for 'us', but Lestaa, who annihilated   Sooothampton 0-9 away last neet, to lift us up to 4th bottom in the table on goal difference, withoot kickin a baall! (If anly we had a player like Perez in wor team! (sic!)

If we play like we did against Man U we have a chance--but if we play like we did against Lestaa---we divvint!

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here on Munday---sometime! 

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