Tuesday 18 April 2023


 Posted '12:57pm bells' Tuezday 18th April 2023

Tooneet The Chelseee Pensioners take of Real Madrid in the 2nd leg of their Champions Leegue qwaataa final at Stamford Bridge!

Why are we mentionin' this?----Whey!, if Chelseee somehow owercome their 2-0 fost leg defeat in Spain, then they will be in the semis!

If somehow they manage to win The Champions Leegue then they will automatically take one of the Champions places, despite bein in 11th place az we speak, meanin that if NUFC finish 4th in the Premyaa Leegue table, we will miss oot and drop doon to The Europa Leegue!

A forthaa complication iz that if Moan U win the Europa Leegue, then THEY will automatically qualify for the Champions Leegue az well, even if they finish ootside of the top 4! 

A maximum of 5 Premyaa Leegue clubs are allowed in next seasons Champions Leegue IF both Chelsea and Moan U win their respective European leegues, meenin that 3rd place iz guaranteed no matter wot!  (I hope yoo are followin' aall this and takin it in???)

So lets aall 'root' for Real Madrid toooneet at '8:00bells', wethaa your watchin on the telly or listenin on your radio!  (Truck radio for me!)


Moan U win Europa Leegue and finish 5th---NUFC need to finish 3rd to qualify (4 teams qualify)

Chelsea win Champions Leegue---NUFC need to finish 3rd to qualify (4 teams qualify)

Both Moan U and Chelsea win----NUFC need to finish 3rd to qualify (5 teams qualify)

Chelsea lose and Moan U lose---NUFC need to finish 4th to qualify

(4 teams qualify)

Moan U finish 3rd or 4th and win or lose----NUFC need to finish in top 4

(4 teams qualify)

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