Friday 21 April 2023


 Posted 'high noon 'bells' Friday 21st April 2023

There are 2 massive games comin' up for Tyneside teams this weekend!

Forstly, on Saturday afternoooon, 'The Bad Blue Boys' of Dunston are away to Carlton Toon in The Northern Premyaa Leegue East Division! (Carlton iz just off the A1 near Newark in deepest Nottinghamshire!

A win for Dunston and defeat or draw for Long Eaton, will mean that they will qualify for the play offs and a chance to win promotion to The Northern Premyaa Leegue 1st Division! (The 7th tier of Inglish futbaall)

In the pyramid system The Northern Premyaa League 1st Division iz 'Step 3', with 'Step 2' The National Leegue North and 'Step 1' The National Leegue!----And then of course, Leegue 3, League 2, The Championship and the daddy of them aall The Premyaa Leegue!

'Yours Truly' iz on the Dunston team bus to Carlton, which will be mee 70th groond watchin 'The Bad Blue Boys'! (Not bad for a part time supporter who's priority iz of course NUFC games!)

And then of course on Sunday at '2:00 bells' NUFC play Sporz in The Premyaa Leegue at SJP in a 6 pointer, for the chance to qualify for The Champions Leegue next season!---This game iz MASSIVE!---A win for us will take us 6 points clear of Sporz in 5th position, a draw will keep the gap at 3 points and a disastrous defeat (God forbid!) will see Sporz on level points with us! (But with a worse goal difference)

A Geordie Times match report on both games will appear here sometime on Munday-----Where we are off on wor travels again to watch wor U21s play Derby U21s at Loughborough University Stadium at '7:00bells'!----Its aall 'go' for 'The mad-sad Groundhopper'! 


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