Wednesday 23 February 2022


 Posted 'high noon bells' Wedinzday 23rd February 2022

Updated 1:45am bells' Thorzday

NUFC arnt in action til Saturday, when we travel to west London to face Brentfaad, but quite a few of wor relegation rivals are!

Tooneet 'The Bornley Hillbillies' are at home to Sporz, Wotfaad are at home to Palliss and Leeedz are away to Livaapoool!

2 away wins and a home win pleeeeze!

And then on Friday neet, Nohrich are away to Sooothampton and a home win would be very nice indeed!

It's squeeeky bum time again, folks!😵

Updated 1:45am bells' Thorzday

2 oot of 3 went wor way

Wotfaad lost 4-1 and Leeedz were thrashed 6-0 to dent both their goal differences!

But Bornley won 1-0 to lift them to 3rd bottom and 2 points below NUFC---with a game in hand!

The Leegue table iz now gettin very congested at the bottom, with NINE teams in danger!

* It's 'squeeeky bum time' indeed', from Lestaa doonwards!

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