Friday 3 December 2021


 Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 3rd December 2021

Tooneet at '7:45 bells' 'The Heedbangers' of Gatesheed take centre stage on Tyneside, when they play Charlton Pathetic in the FA Cup 2nd roond at Gatesheed International Stadium!

The game iz live on ITV4 and a'v opted to watch it in 'The Crows Nest' rather than in person at Gatesheed Stadium for a number of reasons!

1: Its aalways freeezin cold when we gan, there az the main stand faces in the direction of the Tyne, where the wind blows hard into yi face! (Plus there are NEE tickets on sale today anyway?----for whatever reason?)

2: Not sure wot they are chargin tooneet to get in, but if wor resorve friendly iz anything to gan by, then prices will be too high, plus yoo need pre booked tickets to get in! (see Heed v Toon match report from August, below)

3: The fiasco in that friendly would put anybody off az the inside toolsheds and caterin' were out of bounds! (ie: nee food or booze on sale!)

4: The main stand iz sold oot tooneet----(the anly cover in the groond) and so the rest iz open to the elements! (ie: It's dry in the bar!)

5: The 8 lane runnin track and lang jump pit, meeenz yoo are too far from the pitch----Just like West Ham's new abode! (ie: Yoo get a much better view on the big screen!)

Anyway!---We at The Geordie Times wish them the best of luck against Leegue 1 Charlton ---and nee doubt the south Londoners will bring a couple of thoosand with them to boost the gate!

The draw for the 3rd roond takes place on Munday neet and we can anly hope that if 'The Heedbangers' get through, that they DIVVINT get NUFC! (For obvious reasons!)

The last time we were here! (see match report below!)

Updated '10:30am bells' Saturday

A valiant effort from Gatesheed who had several good chances to score! But it woz Charlton who did score goals in their 2-0 win!

We watched the game in The Crows Nest in the Haymarket area of the Toon and everyone woz rootin' for wor very near neighbours who aalso play in black n white (checkered flag shirts!)

But it wernt to be!---Aall eyes on the 3rd roond draw on Munday, when NUFC are involved!

Spotted in the crowd woz a certain former NUFC record breakin' centre forward in disguise!

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