Saturday 18 December 2021


 Posted 'high noon bells' Saturday 18th December 2021


'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' were 'toyin' with the idea of gannin to Nottingham today, to watch wor U18s at Forest's 'Nigel Doughty Academy' today!

However!---that dreaded word 'COVID' haz reared its ugly head and the game haz been caalled off, az several Forest players have tested positive!

Plan 'B' haz now been put into place ('B' for 'Beer'!) and instead 'yours truly' iz now heedin' for the Dunston v Brighoose game at UTS Stadium instead, for a Northern Premyaa Leegue Division One North encoontaa!

(The clubhoose 1st 'port o call'!)

At the time of writin' this, the NUFC v Man City Premyaa Leegue game at SJP tomorrow iz not 100% certain to gan aheed eethaa, because of the new Covid Omicron variant, which iz spreadin like wildfire!

'The Geordie Times' will of course keep yoo, wor loyal subjects, fully informed of any forthaa developments!

Az per usual---"Watch this space!"

PS: IF wor game gans aheed, we will publish a match report on Munday---sometime!

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