Friday 15 October 2021

BRUCEY PRESSER AT '1:30 bells' TODAY! (Now 2:15)

 Posted from 'high noon bells' onwards, Friday 15th October 2021

Steve Bruce takes hiz predicted final press conference in one and a half hours time and 'The Geordie Times', alang with aall Toon fans will be watchin' intently from '1:30 bells' onwards (now '2:15 bells') to see wot he haz to say aboot hiz situation at NUFC!

Rumour haz it that he haz been offered 70% of hiz contract 'to walk', but he reportadly iz hangin' on for the full £8 million he iz entitled tee!

A ridiculous amoont for a man, who at best iz a 'run of the mill' Championship manager!  7 wins in wor last 37 games and NEE wins in 8 attempts so far this season, sez it aall!  

96 games in charge of NUFC:  Won 28, drawn 28, lost 40  Win percentage 29.2% given him a points rate of 1.166 per game (999 games in total with hiz numerous clubs and NEE major trophys!)

Just why 'The Fat Controller' gave him such a lucrative rollin contract to a less than average manager, iz shear stupidity and very hard to fathom?

The PIF could aalways put him on 'gardenin leave' to see oot hiz contract, which would cost them (and him) much less money!

By 'gardenin leave' we mean tendin' to a cabbage patch on an allotment, somewhere! 

WE will bring yoo news of this az soon az the presser iz ower!

So "Watch this space!" in 3 hours time to find oot wot he haz said! 

Updated '1:30 bells'


Updated '2:25pm bells'

95% of Toon fans divvint want Brucey but he iz in charge for the Sporz game and we MUST back the team and NOT focus on him!
He said in hiz presser that nee discussions have been had aboot hiz future when Amanda met him on Munday!
Things could aall change of course after hiz thooosandth game on Sunday!
Like aa say, we must back the team and hope that the electric atmosphere can spur (sic!) US on! 

Updated much later

Brucey sticks the 🔪into the press for darin to predict that he woz gettin the sack on Munday!
However!, we feel that it won't be lang before their predictions come true!

PS: Dont 'fink' wor new owners will be impressed with Brucey's rant, somehow!

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