Thursday 5 November 2020


 Posted 'high noon bells' Guy Falkes Day 2020

The Premyaa Leegue members club meet today to
discuss the ridiculous £14.95 PPV fee for fans to watch matches!

A fee of £4.95 haz been mentioned, but even this iz 'not on' az many fans like me are payin' direct debits for games this season we wont see! (And many are payin for monthly Sky and BT subscriptions az well!)

Wor game v Chelski on November 21st iz a pay per view game and I for one wont pay it!---And with pubs shut til December due to the month lang lockdoon the anly way aa can watch iz on a stream (Hope aa divvint get too wet!)

Hopefully theeze games will be available for nee extra cost after the meetin'!
We will let yiz naa wot the outcome iz, when we find oot!

Az per usual "Watch this space!"

PS: Last month The Geordie Times got ower 13,600 pageviews----the most that we have ever had!---We thank each and every one off yoo for loggin in to this 'advort free' site!

Updated Friday

Clubs voted that PPV shud be discontinued!
Further discussions will now take place to resolve the situation!
More to follow! 

Correction:   Wor game v Chelski iz NOT on PPV but is on BT instead!
Special thanx to Dylan for spotting my dillibritt misstayk!

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