Friday 23 August 2019


Posted '2:06pm bells' Friday 23rd August 2019
Updated '1:30pm bells'  Saturday

NUFC pay wor forst ever visit to The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday and the train companies have done 'their level best' and 'aall they can' to put us off gannin, by shuttin' King's Cross in London this bank holiday weekend and putting on replacement busses instead between Peterboro and London.
If we had decided to gan via Wakefield instead, we foond that the line iz shut somewhere near there az well!---it's a no brainer!

Wor 'new plan'? iz!---to drive to Stockport near Manchester (Yes!--STOCKPORT!) and catch a train to Euston station, which iz alang the road from King's Cross!---and dee the same on the way back!
There's NEE WAY that they will stop 'us' or the 3,000 othaa Toon fans, who are gannin by othaa various and complicated routes to "norf Landan!"

This will be the 59th Premyaa Leegue groond that we have played on (includin' Sporz at Wembley) and 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have (or course!) been to the previous 58 az well!
It haz been said that this is probably the best club stadium in the whole univorse---and az 'yours truely' haz been to well ower 300 groonds to watch 'the black 'n' whites', I will give yoo mee unequivocal <(we naa aall the big words!) verdict, in the match report on bank holiday Munday!

What will be the outcome come '6:30pm bells' on Sunday (when the match iz finished)? we just don't know, but many Toon fans (including 'us') fear a drubbin' by this Sporz team, who are ootside favourites to challenge 'The Blue Moonies' and 'The Liverbirds' for the Leegue title!

Az we divvint play till Sunday, we could well be rock bottom of the Premyaa Leegue before a goal iz kicked if Wotfaad and Sooothampton pick up even a solitary point! (Villa, who are just above us play Evaatin tooneet and if Evaatin win then Villa will gan below us on goal difference!) 
Update: Villa won 2-0!

Saint-Maximin and £40 million poond man Joelinton, are said to be fit now, so lets see how they fare in Sporz new 62,000 capacity stadium!?
The bad news is that Kane, Eriksson and Son will be fit for Sporz!😳
MATCH ODDS: Sporz 1/5 to win***NUFC 11/1 to win

Footnote: 'Broken Nose Bruce' iz now favourite to be the forst Premyaa Leegue manager/heed coach to be sacked!
He haz overtaken Palliss manager Roy Hodgson and hiz odds have been slashed from 8/1 to 4/1, with Hodgson's odds now 9/2
Bruce 4/1 (NUFC)
Hodgson 9/2 (Palliss)
Gracia 13/2 (Wotfaad)
Lampard 13/2 (Chelski)

PS: Wor U23s take on Moan U U23s at SJP tooneet at '7:00 bells'
Admission iz via The East Stand and iz free to season ticket holders and members.
We will publish the result az soon az we find oot!

Updated '9:43pm bells'

Final score---
NUFC U23s 0   Moan U U23s 4 !  Att:904

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