Sunday 18 August 2019


Posted '10:41 am bells' Sunday 18th August 2019

 View from the away end


After gettin up at the ungodly hour of '4:30am bells' and spendin 5 hours on 3 different trains, we arrived in Nohrich at '11:30 bells' and headed straight for The Murderers Arms in a taxi from the station!
The Murderers Arms aka The Gardeners Arms

This is a real ale bar aboot a mile from the station and iz wor favourite haunt aroond these parts!

After several liquid lubrication and a 'nose bag' (sommik to eat!) it woz time to heed for Carrow Road where wor fate wud be decided one way or the other!  (A 3-0 wins or defeat woz my prediction!)

It woz the latter I'm afraid as we put in a horror show of a performance! (3-1 actually, after Jonjo Shelvey scored one for us 'at the death!)

We had chances to take the lead when £40 million signin Joelinton missed a glorious chance with wot seemed like an eazy heeded goal and othaa chances went 'a beggin' az well!
And we paid the ultimate price for those misses az the home side took the lead with a fierce volloy from Pukki on the half hour mark and we went in 1-0 behind at the break!

The 2nd half woz even worse az Pukki seemed to waak through wor defence at will and scored 2 more goals az a result, to send the Canary fans into ecstasy and the Toon fans into despair!  

One solitary  Toon fan near me then started singin', "Steve Bruce's black 'n' white army!"
"And which lunatic asylum have YOO escaped from?"
I asked him!?

At the final whistle 'Broken Nose Bruce' woz 'a broken man' alang with the 2,000 travelling fans!

Az we left the groond there woz a huge cheer from the Nohrich fans!

"They are 'chairing' Bruce aroond the pitch!" mee mate "Big Al' sarcastically said!
"Hope it's an ELECTRIC chair he's in!" , I replied!!!!

We sit near the foot of the table az we speak and cud well be in the bottom 3 if Chelski get even a draw today at home to Lestaa!
Sporz and The Liverbirds are wor next 2 away games!
God help us!

Toon team: Dubravka, Krafth, Schar, Lascelles, Dummett, Ritchie, Hayden, Shelvey, Ki (Saun Longstaff 74), Almiron, Joelinton (Muto 77)

Attendance: 27,059 (2,000 unhappy Toon fans!)

After a quick 'drowning of the sorrows' pint in a bar next to the train station (which cost £5.80!), we were off on the 3 train retorn journey, which torned into a disaster in itself!
Only drink here if yoo are very rich!

We had to get a train to Ely and anothaa from there to Peterboro and anothaa from there to The Toon.
We got to a place called Brandon where the train stopped az 2 lads got off with wot looked like cuts to their faces!
They torned oot to be Nohrich fans who had an argument with Toon fans in the next carriage and they came off the worse for wear!

The local 'Dibble' were caalled oot and we were stuck there for an hour az the train driver refused to carry on!

After wot seemed like an age we eventually left and just made wor connection at Ely to Peterboro!
At Peterboro, Toon fans started fightin' with the Dibble on the platform!
Sanctuary in Peterboro! 

An hours drinkin' time had been lost and so we left them to fight and dashed from Peterboro station to the nearest boozer and downed several 'gargels' before heedin back to the station to catch the '9 bells' train back yem!

Six hours after leavin' Nohrich and we were finally back on Tyneside to contemplate wor visit to Sporz new abode next Sunday!--via STOCKPORT!---but that's anothaa disaster story waitin to be told next weekend! (King's Cross iz closed next weekend ,so we've got to get to norf London via Stockport near Manchester!) 

Footnote: We say 'Delia'z Canary Creams' az celebratory chef and cake maker Delia Smith iz co owner of Nohrich City! (The Canaries)
Delia'z delicacy! 

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