Thursday 15 August 2019


Posted '1:45pm bells' Wedinzday 14th August 2019
Updated '4:45pm bells' Thorsday
The Foxes are comin' to Toon!

Wor dream of an away tie in The Leegue Cup against a team who's groond we haven't be tee, woz shattered last neet, when possible trips to Fleetwood and Salford were scuppered az both teams exited the competition at the forst hurdle.
The anly othaa team left who won were Rochdale, who came first oot of the hat forst and drew Carlisle at home. (We have aalso never been to Macclesfeeeld---but we are due to gan there in 'The EFL ( Trophy' on Tuesday 3rd September) (Formely The Checkatrade Trophy)

NUFC were instead given a home tie against 'The Basil Brush Brigade' of Lestaa!---The anly aall Premyaa Leegue tie!

The tie will be played in the week commencin' 26th August, but az we play Sporz away on Sunday 25th August (anothaa new groond!)and then Wotfaad at SJP the followin' Saturday, Wedinzday 28th August looks to be the anly date it could be played on!

When we find oot for certain yoo can bet your bottom dollar that 'The Geordie Times' will be last with the news!
Az per usual---"Watch this space!---eventually!"

Updated Thorsday

We were reet!   The Lestaa Leegue Cup game WILL take place on Wedinzday 28th August with a '7:45 bells' kick off 
Ticket prices are £10 for big kids and a fiver for sprogs and zimmerframeites (like me, now!)

PS: The game ISN'T on the telly, despite bein' the anly aall Premyaa Leegue tie!

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