Thursday 8 August 2019


Posted '4:33pm bells' Thorsday 8th August 2019

*Sensational news reaches 'The Geordie Times' that Andy Carroll iz finally comin' yem at last!

*With less than one hour of the transfor window left, wor beloved owner 'The Fat Controller' haz flown Carroll back from London in hiz helicopter, which landed just a few minutes ago on Tyneside!
And az yoo can see 'The Geordie Times' haz live excluuuusive coverage which we  filmed live az he landed! 

*Yoo may remember that Carroll woz flown off in 'The Fat Controller's helicopter to Liverpoool, where he signed for a whoppin' £35 million quid a few years ago----Andy haz now returned in the same mode of transport on a FREE TRANSFOR and we understand that he will sign on 'a pay if yoo play' contract!
Andy Carroll finally 
arrives at SJP!

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