Wednesday 21 August 2019


Posted '1:17pm bells' Wedinzday 21st August 2019

'Fat Sam the Ugly Man', Chris Sutton, Tony Cascarino (and many othaas) have been putting 'the knife in' to Toon fans for wor lack of support for wor new general dogsbody,'yes man'---sorry!-- heed coach!

'Fat Sam' said on Talksport that with just 2 games 'in', Bruce iz gettin' as much stick as wor owner!
This is complete tosh!

I never hord one chant against Bruce in wor home game v The Arse or wor away game v Nohrich!

There WERE chants against 'The Fat Controller', (who wasn't there of course!) but not Bruce!

Let's get this straight!
Bruce woz 7th or 8th choice (or 13th in some papers!) and nee Toon fans wanted him!
Yet we are supposed to chant hiz name and say that 'he's one of our own! (The same 'Bruce' who celebrated wildly with the sund'lind fans when they scored a late equaliser in the Tyne/wear derby when he woz their manager!)

Hiz Premyaa  Leegue record iz the 2nd worst for any manager with 250 top flight games under their belt (Anly Bryan Robson haz a worse record!) and he haz been relegated 3 times with Bormingham, Hull and the SMBs (sacked before they were relegated) and been sacked 5 times and resigned 5 times from hiz 10 former clubs!
(Even 'The Tramp in a Tracksuit' Tony Pulis's win rate iz better than hiz!)

Yet we are told 'to give him a chance' and that hiz record 'stands up'???  Indeed it does in THE CHAMPIONSHIP! where he haz won promotion 4 times!----That I'm afraid iz 'hiz level'

AALL NUFC fans honestly want him to do well,  we reeely do, but if last Saturday's debacle against relegation favourites Nohrich iz anything to gan by, then we fear the worst (And so does hiz mate, Alan Shearer!)

So don't blame us---its not WOR fault IZ IT!? that we have an absent owner who haz got us relegated twice since he took the reigns! (up til now!) and appoints 'yes men' who will do az they are told! (Rafa and Keegan apart!)

PS: With 2 defeats aalready for NUFC, 'Broken Nose Bruce's win percentage rate haz now dropped to 27.92 and he iz closin' in fast on Bryan Robon's record of 26.8 percent!

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