Thursday 30 August 2018


Posted '1:50pm bells' Thorsday 30th August 2018


The competition we just 'love to hate' proved once again that we are nee match for lower leegue opposition!

Havin lost to Forest last season az well at the same roond we will have at least 4 blank midweeks to twiddle wor thumbs until Xmas!

My 'hate affair' in this competition gans back ower 43 years when we were knocked oot by Chester in 1975 at their old Sealand Road groond--- and ever since it haz been disaster after disaster in this competition! (We DID get to the final next season--but lost of course!---since 1976 we havvent got past Xmas in the competition!)

Wor day started off at '2 pm bells' when 'Big Al' (not the sheet metal workers son!) picked me up in hiz jam jar, alang with 'International Russcue' and 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer' and off we set to Nottingham!

'Big Al' had a brainwave and said it would be easier to gan to a park and ride just of the M1 and get a tram into the city centre az Nottingham iz notorious for traffic jams!

So we heeded for a place called Pheonix Park and caught the tram which of course avoids roads and haz a traffic free run into Nottingham!

The tram stopped aboot 10 minutes doon the line and we got off to get a connectin' tram to wor destination!
WRANG!---we asked an inspector where to get the next tram from and he uttered the dreaded words!
"There's a replacement BUS SERVICE as they are workin' on the line further down!", he telt us!

Ne mention that there woz a replacement bus service half way doon the line!

After jumpin off the tram and onto a double decker bus, we then had to jump off again to catch anothaa tram!
The tram-bus-tram eventually arrived at wor destination and we then had a 15 minute waalk to a boozer near Forest's groond on the banks of the River Trent!

We anly had an hours drinkin time before the match because of this fiasco and stopped there til it woz time to gan and 'face wor punishment' in the away section of the groond! (nee time for a 'pub crawl'!)

And 'punishment it waz' az 'The Friar Tuck Mob' took the lead in the forst minute through former Toon player Daryl Murphy, az wor shambles of a team, which included several new boys, couldn't 'gel' or get to grips with the game and disaster loomed!

We just couldn't get oot of 1st gear and aall looked lost, but we had an ace up wor sleeves!
Salomon Rondon then came on in the 82nd minute for the ineffective Joselu and 2 mins into stoppage time he hit hit a raspin' shot across the box and the baall hit the far corner of the net, with their keeper well beaten. This sent the 3,000 strong Toon Army in The Bridgford End into raptures behind that goal!---a penalty shootout woz now on the cards!
WRANG AGAIN!---Of course this IZ NUFC and we shot worsels in the foot az Forest went up to the far Trent End and scored a 2nd goal straight away!

Perez woz then punched in the face by the Forest keeper in the box, (a definite penalty!) but the ref waved 'play on' and the home side went back up the pitch and scored again in the 97th minute to send us and the team to the exit gates!

We had the same hassle gettin' back to wor car (tram-replacement bus-tram) and eventually got onto the motorway one and a qwaataa hours after the match had finished!

Of course the M1 motorway woz closed forthaa up near Sheffield for roadworks (it HAD to be!) and we had to divort through  Sherwood Forest on the A614 to get onto the A1 (nee sign of Friar Tuck or Robin Hood though!)

We got back at just after 2am bells---anothaa 'Disaster Day' in more ways than one, to add to the (very!) lang list!

Team line up: Darlow, Sterry, Schar, Fernandez(Perez 69), Clark, Atsu, Ki, Langstaff, Kenedy, Muto (Murphy 77), Joselu (Rondon 82)

Attendance: 13,942 (3,000 thoroughleee p*ssed off Toon fans!)

*PS: Since the competition started 58 years ago in 1960, we have anly got past the 5th roond ONCE!---exitin' the Leegue Cup before Xmas on every occasion apart from 1976 when we reached the final!---a truly shockin' record!

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