Wednesday 1 August 2018


Posted '2:38pm bells' Wednesday 1st August 2018

NUFC play wor 4th pre season friendly in Braga, Portugal, tooneet and several mad-sad groundhoppers have stayed over for the game after Saturdays bore draw v Porto!

Due to circumstances beyond my contol I wont be there az I booked the flight/train back on Munday from Portugal, thinkin that a pre season friendly woz to be arranged in Scotland! (Plus mee 'Piggy Bank' iz nearly empty!)🐖

There WOZ a game in Scotland---for wor U23s that iz, who were beaten 2-1 by a Rangers U20s side on Munday neet at Rangers trainin groond!

The game woz behind closed doors however and NEE 'NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' were present!
(They were eethaa in Portugal or flyin back ( like me) az the game woz played! (Yi cannit de them aall!---nee one can!)

However! there WILL be a 'mad-sad groundhoppers' report on tooneets game az 'Mal the Inglish Skooll Teechaa' iz sendin 'The Geordie Times' some pix and a brief match report!

Ne doubt 20 odd players will get some game time, like in Dublin, Hull and Porto, makin' the game a glorified trainin' session once again! (Whatever happened to the days when full strength sides would play in friendlies?)

Watch this space later tooneet for result!

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