Sunday 5 August 2018


Posted just before 'high noon bells' Sunday 5th August 2018
Photo taken by granddaughter
Freya, aged 4 (hor 1st game!)


For the thord pre season friendly in a row against forrin opposition, we failed to score, on a boilin' hot day on Tyneside!

This iz a very worryin situation considerin that the transfor window closes next Thorsday!

It woz 'Kids Day' at SJP az more than half the crowd of 21,000 plus were below the age of 10, az parents/grand parents took advantage of the fiver admission for youngins to take them to the match!
This included 4 of my own grandkids, 2 of which were makin their 'debut' visit to 'The Cathedral on the Hill'! (Kia and Freya)

A thouroughly borin game woz won by a solitary heeder from Augsburg striker Gregoritsch at The Leazes End in the 2nd half, which sent their 30 or so shirtless visitin fans in The Leazes Corner wild with delight!

 Spot the topless Jawman fans 
In the far corner!

We had a few chaces durin the game, but Joselu, Perez, Ritchie an Atsu, in particular, aall failed in attempts to score!---hence the need for a new front man!

With Sporz wor visitors next Saturday in The Premyaa Leegue, we fear the worst unless wor absent owner puts hiz hand in hiz pocket to sign a proven striker we so desperetleee need!

The Newcasil Sunday Sun

A new rumour haz emorged that the club iz still up for sale, az to the reason for relutance to spend some of the cash generated from the sale of 'Mitro' to Fulim for £22 million!

We await with baited breath to see if West Brom's Rondon signs on the dotted line before next Thorsday!?

After the game we heeded for the chip shop next to Raffety's Bar in Pink Lane! (Very near The Central Station!)
From there we heeded into Rafferty's Bar next door where a mad tea party took place!

The original 'Mad Hatters' Tea Party'!

The Geordie Times'z
'Mad-sad groundhoppers'
 'Tea Party' in 'Rafferty's bar'!

Toon team: Darlow, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, (Schar 57), Dummett (Manquillo 69), Ritchie (Kenedy 69), Hayden (Shelvey 57), Diame (Ki 29), Atsu (Murphy 57), Perez (Roberts 83), Joselu

Attendance: 21,331 (30 shirtless Ausburg fans!)

*PS: Includin today (Munday 7th August) 'The Fat Controller' haz been absent from the NUFC directors box for 456 days!  

The last home game he attended woz on Sunday May 7th 2017 when we beat Barnsleee 3-0 to win The Championship!
We DO expect to see him next Saturday though!---He IZ a Sporz fan after aall!

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