Friday 10 August 2018


Posted '2:00pm bells' Friday 10th August 2018

So wor total spend in the transfor window woz £20 MILLION LESS than outgannin transfors!

Promises that Rafa would be given "every penny generated" rings very hollow!
Wor dreams of competin' with the best are broken yet again!
Promises made that wor absent owner wont leave til we win a major trophy are laughable, az we havvint got past January in any Leegue Cup or FA Cup competition in the 11 years he haz been here!
And az for winnin the Premyaa Leegue?---we 750 to 1 to win it this season! (Get your bets on now!)

Lesser clubs like Bournemoooth, Cristil Palis, Fulim, 'uddersfeeeld, Sooothampton, and Wotfaad have aall now got transfor records that are higher than NUFC's!

We gan into the new season tomorrow v Sporz, with Rafa and the fans yet again 'deflated' by the penny pinchin attitude that haz prevailed since 'The Fat Controller' took control in 2007
Rafa looks less than happy

11 years of virtual misery, includin' 7 relegation battles and 2 relegations---and we STILL can't compete with 'the elite' because of wor skinflint transfor policy! ( Yi would have thought that lessons would had been learned after aall that?--'Obviously NOT!)

Anothaa relegation battle looms!
IT'S HEARTBREAKIN'!  Isn't it just!, that one man who hasn't been to a game at St James' Park for 15 months, can ruin the lives of 50,000 people who gan to every home game!--- and there's nothin' we can do about it!

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