Tuesday 7 August 2018


Posted '2:50pm bells' Tuesday 7th August 2018
"Welcome to the 
NUFC pantomime!"

A war of words haz broken oot between wor absent owner and Newcasil MP Chi Onwonga <(I 'fink' thats hor name!) after Onwonga presented a motion in the House of Commons aboot how unfit wor owner woz to run wor club and declared a while back that she would not be attendin' future games at St James Park, because of the Wonga money lenders logos on the front of wor strips!

She embarrisingly caalled Rafa Benitez, Rafa 'BEN-NETT-EZ'!  in hor House of Commons speech!----Which just gans to shows hor 'knowledge'? of futbaall on Tyneside!

Az far az we are aware, she haz NEVER seen a match at St James' Park anyway, so how she can boycott us if she's never been, iz a 'no brainer'!

Wor 'beloved'? absent owner, who hazzent been to a home game for 15 months replied that he haz ploughed millions into the club, but failed to mention hiz skinflint transfor policy, where players must be sold before we can buy!
"I'm the pantomime villain!" he added!

The letter which woz written on NUFC headed paper, woz sent to The Secretary of State in protest at Onwoga's criticism and woz signed with an unreadable scribble, which suggests that someone else actually wrote and signed it! (Allegedleee!)

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