Saturday 13 January 2018


Posted 1:15pm bells Thorsday 11th January 2018

 Swanzee make the lang trek to SJP but will probably anly bring 4 to 500 fans with them---if that!---In total contrast to Luton who had 7,450 here last week for the FA Cup tie!

Its anothaa 'must win game' against the side proppin up the table and the 3 points are vital az wor next game after that iz away to 'champions elect' Man City!!!

11 days into the transfor window and ne sign of any new players to bolster wor squad iz very worryin indeed

Wor 'beloved' owner? 'The Fat Controller' iz playin a game of Russian Roulette and gamblin on wor chances of stayin up--despite promises to Rafa that funds would be available to buy some new players!

Me wonders just how lang Rafa will put up with broken promises  and 'walk the walk!?'

With ne sign of a takeover by Amanda and hor mob, we now fear that it wont happen at aall and we'll be stuck with 'yee naa who'!

It's like havin your muthaa in law livin in your hoose and unable to get rid of hor---or in 'wor case', HIM!!!

Updated 1:38am bells Saturday

Swanzee will be backed by 1,000 fans
(Twice the number we expected!)

NUFC are aimin for wor 3rd win in a row in 2018 and are unbeaten now in 4 games.

A full Geordie Times match and "Lets gan for a bevvy in Janu-ery" drinkin 'crusade' (in defiance of the "Dry January" mob) will appear here later today and Sunday!

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