Saturday 27 January 2018


Posted '4 44pm bells' on the train to King's Cross Saturday 27th January 2018

It iz with great sadness that we hear that Toon fan 'Frankie Fingers' haz passed away!
Frankie hadnt been to a Toon game for a while but there are some great stories aboot him!
(He had massive fingers-- hence hiz name!)

He came from Winlaton and hiz claim to fame iz that one day he woz 'mortal' and jumped off the bar coontaa in The Highlander pub and swung off the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, like The 3 Musketeers did in the film!

Unfortunatly the ceiling gave way under hiz weight and he and the chandelier came crashin to the bar floor, complete with the plaster off the ceiling!
He woz barred for life!

On anothaa occasion at an away game he went into a Catholic club where a statue of Jesus bein crusifide on the cross woz in the entrance and caused uproar when he said!
"Wots up with him?   Did he not pay hiz subs, like!?"
And YES he WOZ a Catholic!


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