Wednesday 17 January 2018


Posted '12 48pm bells' Wednesday 17th January 2018

The NUFC mad-sad  groundhoppers are off on wor travels yet again tomorrow afternooon at '2 00 bells'!
This time to Stockport where Bornley U23s are playin a HOME GAME against wor U23s in The Premyaa Leegue Cup!

Its a complete MYSTERY to us, just WHY they are playin their resorve home games there, az Edgeley Park iz aboot 40 miles south of Turf Moor (in Bornley!)

We 'fink' that there must be at least 10 lower leegue and non leegue groonds nearer, like Accrington and Bury where they could play resorve games on!

We ARNT complainin though az we've nevaa been to Edgeley Park and az this iz a former leegue groond it iz anothaa old leegue one to add to the list   (136th on mine!) Its MAGIC!😊

Update 6 46pm bells Trowell truck park M1

Wor club insider told me the game woz bein moved to Borley's trainin groond but then told  me it woz at Stockport again but with a '1 00 bells' kick off tomorrow afternooon!

A full Geordie Times match report and pix will appear here on Friday--provided the game isnt cancelled by bad weather or moved somewhere else!--'God forbid!

 Update '11:30pm bells' at Woodall truck park M1

Been listenin to Chelski's game v Norwich in the FA Cup and Chelski won on pens 5-3 after extra time (1-1) and will play The Toon at Stamford Bridge on Sunday week with a '1 30 bells' start for live telly (BT)

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