Tuesday 2 January 2018


Posted 'high noon bells' Tuesday 2nd January 2018
1st half action az NUFC attack 'The Boothen End'
(The Toon are in the light blue strip)

"The nevaa endin NUFC roller coaster ride!"

One week we are on 'a low' and the next week we are on 'a high' az the roller coaster takes us doon---and then back up again az results eethaa gan 'against us' (like the weekend just gone!) OR 'for us' like yesterday at Stoke!

Lets be honest here, the last 2 performances have been riddled with missteakz, v Brightin on Saturday when we drew 0-0 in a shockin game---and yesterday against anothaa poor side, which we won 1-0, thanx to a goal from Perez, wor number 17, with 17 minutes left on the clock!
Within the space of a few days we have risen from 3rd bottom to 13th top on the NUFC roller coaster ride!

The day started off at '7:30 am bells' where a taxi whisked me to 'The Central' for the train(s) to Stoke. After changes at York and Manchester, we arrived in The Potteries at '11:50am bells' and heeded for the hotel bar ower the road from the train station for the forst 'liquid lubrications' of the day (er! that's apart from the 4 cans aa drank on the way doon) <(now that WILL shock the "Dry January Brigade!" (see article below this)

It woz then a £10 taxi ride to Longton Rugby Club which woz a mile and a half south of the ground, where we partook in several more 'liquid lunches' (it woz dinnaatime by then!)

It had started rainin' by the time we set off on the lang trek to the away tornstiles and 25 minutes later we were in 'the dry' of the stadium concourse az Toon fans hoyed beer ower each othaa, rather than drink it az you're supposed to do!? (not so DRY after aall!)

The game kicked off and the forst thing we noticed woz that Atsu and Perez were up front in a new tactical move by 'Rafa the Gaffer'
It worked fairly well az the insistent rain bleached doon in a howlin' gail in a half dominated by 'us'
Clark missed an open goal from 1 yard and somehow managed to put the baall ower the bar when it looked much easier to tap it in!?-'--We simply couldn't make the breakthrough az we attacked the far 'Boothen End' and went in goalless at the halftime interval!

Durin' the interval we hord with great sadness that one of wor number had passed away on New Years Eve.
He woz known az 'Gordon the Gloves' az he aalway wore white gloves to matches  RIP Gordon
Action at 'The Sharp End' in torrential rain (2nd half)

In the 2nd half we attacked 'The SHARP End' where the 3,200 Toon fans were housed and Shelvey went close with a free kick just outside the box az the Toon faithful cheered the team on!
Stoke's main stand

The vital breakthrough came in the 73rd minute when a wayward pass from a 'P*ss Potters' defender foond the feet of Murphy on the edge of the box---He 'fed' Perez inside the box and he applied A SHARP finish past Ing-er-land goalie Butland at 'The SHARP End' to give us the lead!

We went wild az we knew that one goal could win it and at least 3 vital saves from Darlow in The Toon goal at the far end near 'the end' of the match, secured the 3 points to propel us up the table!
The Toon attack the far goal az Officer Dibble watches on!

The Toon fans then 'took the p*ss oot of 'The P*ss Potters' with chants of "You're getting sacked in the mornin'!" towards Stoke's beleaguered manager Mark Hughes!---and the Stoke fans joined in az they pointed towards the home dugout!!! 

It WASNT pretty futbaall---but who cared az we set off on the '3 trains' jorney yem!

Toon team: Darlow, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, Manquillo, Shelvey, Diame, Murphy (Dummett 82), Atsu (Gayle 64), Ritchie, Perez (Hayden 90)

Attendance: 28,471 (3,200 happy Toon fans!)

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