Friday 12 January 2018


Posted 4 40pm bells at Trowell truck park M1 Friday 12th January 2018

News that wor 4th roond FA Cup tie in London or Norwich haz been moved to a Sunday with a ridiculous '1 30 bells kick off time for live telly reaches us!

With busses replacin trains on certain parts of the jorney, in effect meenz that we must travel the day before if we want to see the kick off!

Weve got to de the same again a week later when we gan to Palace for a 2 15 bells start!

How they come to give us these ridiculous kick off times 100s of miles away iz unreal!

We can anly imagine the conversations when they 'plan' wor misery trip!
"How can we f*** up The Toon fans this time?" 

"Why dont we give them a kick off time where they must travel the day before OR make them leave by coach at 3 in the mornin to get there on time!"

"Thats a great idea and a great way to f*** them up!---lets do it!"

"Ha! Ha!"

A total shambles and a disgrace if yoo ask us!-'-but then again we are only daft futbaall fans---arnt we!???

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