Friday 19 January 2018


Posted '12:58pm bells' Friday 19th January 2018

We face the daunting task of beatin Man City in eest Manchester tomorrow @ '5:30 bells' and with the late kick off time (for live telly, of course!) we have plenty of time to get 'completely comatosed' in the various 'liquid lubrication locations' aroond Piccadilly (Manchester) before the game and (hopefully!) not 'take in' the hidin' that many expect!

Yoo nevaa know though? and we aim to be the forst team to beat them at home since Chelski beat them 3-1 in December 2016!

That's ower A YEAR unbeaten at home and NUFC are 20 to 1 to get a result!
 We will of course have a match report on Sunday (or Munday, dependin on the score!) and hopefully it wont be a bad one!
PLUS!--wor "Let's gan on the bevvy in January!" crusade from 'high noon bells' tomorrow (watch this space from then onwards!) 

In othaa news wor youth team are in action tooneet @ Selhurst Park in south London v 'Cry baby Palace' in the FA Youth Cup 4th roond and 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' will be represented by 'Glennn from Ashington' who woz at Stockport last neet for wor U23s game against Bornley U23s (match report on THAT game iz below this (somewhere!---ground 331 Edgeley Park) 

Glennn stopped owerneet in Stockport and travelled to London today and will be back in the north west for wor game in Manchester tomorrow! (It kicks off at '7 bells' and its an extorshanate £10 for big kids and £1 for sprogs!)

Dependin' on your opinion, Glennn haz eethaa 'the heart of a lion' OR! 'the brain of a sheep'!---- or BOTH!----the choice iz yours!

Posted 11 11pm bells from Woodall truck park M1
Breaking news!
Wor youth team beat Palace 3-2 with wor goals comin from Adam Wilson, Oislen McEntee and Kellard Watts
Attendance: 1,774

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