Tuesday 26 December 2017


Posted '10:20am bells' Boxin' Day 2017

Unusually NUFC divvint have a game on Boxin' Day az we have an eezy game? v the champions elect 'Blue Moonies of Manc-land tomorrow neet, for live telly.

Az we need wor 'fix', we are heedin' for Gatesheed Stadium where The Heed-Bangers of Gatesheed are takin' on The Monkey-Hangers of Hartlepool in a north east derby at '3 bells' this afternoon in The National Leegue! (Conference)
2,500 tickets have aalready been sold for the game which iz more than double wot Gatesheed normally get for a home game!

The Monkey-Hangers will no doubt bring quite a few of those and a 3,000 plus crowd iz expected in forst competitive meetin' between the clubs in 57 years!
NUFC season ticket holders can get in for a reduced price of £10 on production of your season ticket and its a fiver for sprogs and zimerframeites!

The Nags Heed on Gatesheed High Street iz wor forst port o call, which iz where The Heed-Bangers congregate before matches!

A match report of sorts will appear here tomorrow az well az a report on the build up to The Toon's game, which kicks off at '7:45 bells'!

PS: For the benefit of wor overseas reeeders, The National Leegue/Conference iz the 5th tier of English futbaall, the one below Leegue 2 and Gatesheed's groond iz approximately 2 miles from SJP on the south side of the River Tyne and both groonds are within sight of each other!

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