Friday 1 December 2017


Posted 'just after high noon bells' Friday 1st December 2017

We gan into Saturday's game away to Chelski havin' 'stopped the rot' of 4 successive defeats on Tuesday at West Brom (2-2)
There IZ a 'slight chink of light' when we gan there, az Chelski struggled to beat 2nd bottom Swanzee 1-0, so (hopefully!) a 'cricket score' will not materialise, cum the '12:30 bells' kick off time!

Az it stands we sit 12th in the table and 5 points above the 'drop zone' and lookin' at the table 12 teams are 'in the mix' from 9th place doonwards!

Again, we have sold wor entire allocation of 3,000 tickets despite the kick off time, which of course meenz that anybody travellin' by coach or drivin', will have to leave at 3 to 4 bells in the mornin' to make the start!

'The Geordie Times' iz takin' the sensible option and we are travellin' doon later this afternoon and stoppin' in a hotel in Fulham (which iz 'next door' to Chelsea!)

The £30 match ticket price iz £25 cheaper than the last time we were here (aye! 55 quid!) thanx to the Premyaa Leegues new maximum price cap, although the train iz very expensive at £81:50 (and that's with a railcard givin' us 33% off!)

A full match report and 'Lets gan on a bender in DECEMBER' pub crawl crusade will appear on theeze pages sometime on Sunday!
PS: Az the kick off time iz so orly, we will probably anly have time to de just ONE bar before the match!

(See 'Bender' article below) 

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