Friday 22 December 2017


Posted '2:05pm bells' 'Black Eye Friday' 22nd December 2017

Today iz 'Black Eye Friday', the one day of the year I avoid busy pubs az 'The Xmas Jumper' and 'Antler Brigade' will bee oot in force az the annual 'Once a Year Drinkers' descend 'on mass', on the last Friday before Xmas----'hoyin up' and startin fights when they get 'legless and rat-arsed' after 4 or 5 'gargels'! (hence 'Black Eye Friday')

Tomorrow iz 'New Groondhop Day' az 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' descend 'on mass' to the "Eest end of Landan" for wor forst ever visit to the London Stadium, when we take on 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham at their new abode in Stratford!

Three thoosand of us will be there and will be housed in 'The Trevor Brooking Stand', (corner bit!?)
There are 2 separate sections of 1,500 at the front and back and lookin' at mee match ticket I am in the back section row 58 which by my calculation will be aboot az far away from the pitch az possible, near the very back of the stand! (Reminder to myself: "Must bring some binoculars!")

We reeely MUST get sommik from this game az it iz now more than TWO months since we last won (v Palace on October 21st, 1-0!)

Mee forst ever visit to West Ham woz way back in March 1969 in the days before 'man had landed on the Moon'!, computaaz and mobile phones and an archive match report on that game nearly 49 years ago, will appear below this article sometime this afternoon!

Match report on tomorrows game will appear here on Sunday and 'Lets gan on a bender in December' pub crawl pix will appear here sometime tomorrow in a 'live stream'!


The telly games for February have been annoonced and we must now gan to Palace in London on Sunday 4th February for a '2:15 bells' kick off---meenin' that anothaa owerneet stay in the capital will be needed! 
Moan U at SJP haz aalso been moved to a Sunday 11th February at the same time!

The Bournemoooth away game stays the same with a '3 bells' kick off on Saturday 24th February

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