Wednesday 20 December 2017


Posted just before high noon bells Wednesday 20th December 2017

It iz with increasin anxiety that The Geordie Times keeps lookin at the internet for any news of a takeover! (Aboot 5 times a day!)
The Fat Controller said he wanted rid of NUFC by Xmas, but az this iz less than a week away now this seems highly unlikely!

I have the same problem at work. A new company bought the business I work at last February and we were told that we would have "new trucks within 6 months" with new livery on the side of the vehicles!
10 months doon the line and we are still drivin the old trucks!

And then theres the A1 between Scotch Corner and Leeming Bar in north Yorkshire
The signs told us that the upgrade to a motorway would be completed by "SPRING 2017!" ---they STILL havent finished it az I speak, 9 months after they promised!?
They stated that when they dug the old road up they foond some Roman coins and broken Roman crockery and this stopped progress! (They could have my old NUFC cup which I broke the othaa week in mee kitchen, if they want some broken crockery!)

The point I am tryin to make iz that yoo cant believe anything yoo read theeze days! Especially anythin promised by The Fat Controller! (ie: A major trophy---Champions Leegue---sellin the club etc!)

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