Sunday 17 December 2017


Posted '11:00am bells' Sunday 17th December 2017
View from row 12, seat 725 in 'The Clock End'


Yet anothaa defeat, which, with othaa results gannin against us, puts us into the relegation zone in 3rd bottom place!
Whereas many Toon fans thought that 'The Arse' would beat us by a 'cricket score', a 1-0 defeat still gives us zero points at the end of the day!

Backed by 2,900 fans in the away end, we watched in trepidation az the home side missed a few chances az they attacked the end we were in!

The breakthrough came at the mid point of the half when a wayward heeder from Florian Lejeune just outside the box fell nicely for Ozil to volley the baall past Rob Elliot in the Toon goal!
They couldn't add any more and we went in just 1-0 doon at the break!

We just seemed to be gannin through the motions az wor powder puff attack failed to dent The Aresholes defence!
The home side nevaa seemed to get oot of forst gear az gaps in the crowd told yoo that we wornt considered a threat and that those who stayed away went Xmas shoppin' instead!

Perez had 2 chances near the end but predictably missed them both and a 1-0 defeat didn't seem so bad, but it still put us in the bottom 3!
Since the clocks went back in late October we have went backwards doon the table from sixth top to thord bottom!---and it could get worse today if  WBA avoid defeat v Moan U and Swanzee win at Evaatin, we will end up in bottom place!!!

It's so soul destroyin' watchin' this cr*p week after week and ANLY a change of ownership can save us now we 'fink'----but 'The Fat Controller' wants more than £300 million for the club and 'Amanda' wont budge from hor £250 million offer, so we have 'stalemate' in the negotiations!
When oh when will wor misery end????

Toon team: Elliot, Yedlin, Lascelles, Lejeune, Manquillo, Hayden, Merino, Atsu (Richie 54), Perez, Murphy (Gayle 68), Joselu

Attendance: 59,379 (no way!--They coonted the 5,000 Xmas shoppers who wornt there az well!) 
(2,900 fed up Toon fans, who torned on wor 'beloved/beleagered' owner for the forst time since Rafa became manager!)

Footnote: "N-n-n-n-n-n-Nine-teen!"

On the way between bars we caught the number 19 bus from Holborn in London to Islington (where Arsenal play)
On the way the driver stopped the bus, got off and waaked doon the street!---where the hell haz he went to we thought???---the next thing a 'dibble van' with blue lights flashin' pulled in front of the bus and they remonstraited with the driver!
Apparently, he got off to have a 'slash' on a waall doon a back lane and the 'dibble' 'caught him in the act'!---they let him off with a warnin' and we carried on wor jorney to Islington!
Yih couldn't make it up!!!!
Passengers look on in amazement az the
bus driver gets a 'bollockin' off
'the dibble'!

A rather 'drunken' lamp post on the way to the groond!

  "Lets gan on a bender in December" pub pix below!

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