Monday 4 December 2017

329 weston homes community stadium, colchester

Ground number 329
Date of first visit: 4th December 2017
Weston Homes Community Stadium, Colchester

Colchester United U23s 1
Newcastle United U23s 2 (Luke Charman, 2)

Premier League Cup
Attendance: 175 estimated

"There's anly one Luke CHAPman!"

2 goals from Luke CHARman sealed this win in Colchestaa in front of a sparse crowd, which included 6 'NUFC mad sad groundhoppers' who had travelled doon from various parts of the north to see The Toon play on a leegue groond we had nevaa previously visited!

The groond iz one of those 'new build lego stadiums' that aall look the same with 4 smaall stands and iz 2 miles from Colchestaa toon centre

Aftaa THREE 😮disallowed goals for hand baalls and offside we finally made the breakthrough bang on half time when Charman fired home
(Durin this half we aalso hord the FA Cup draw which paired us with Luton who beat Gatesheed 5 0 on Sunday)

The home side equalised just after the restart through a defensive error, but justice woz done at the midpoint of the half when Charman sidefooted home to muted cheers from the NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers!

The team sheet said that Luke Chapman woz wor number 9 when in fact it woz Luke Charman and the stadium annooncer got it wrang, az well az the scoreboard operator!
Just after wor goal the ref, (who woz caalled 'Mr Hair'!) told wor number 3 Kyle Cameron that he "Was taking the mick!" when he went to take a throw in, by movin' forward 10 yards from where he shud have taken it, which brought merriment to the fans in the main stand!

'WE' got sommik very wrang az well, az we thought wor U23s were playin Colchestaaz forst team, when in fact it woz their U23 side! (Zero oot of ten for us!)(that's 'me', Dave from York, Alex of St George and Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer!) (Hence the very low 'crowd'!)

Some of the 175 (or so!)
who bothered to torn up!
"We woz there!"
(A rather crumpled team sheet!)

Footnote: Of the current 92 leegue groonds NUFC have now played on 80 of them---and 'The Geordie Times' haz been to aall 80 of them az well!😊

The pre match gargels took place here in Colchestaa toon centre

And the post match 'celebrations'
took place here near King's Cross in London
(Where several liquid lubrications were consumed!)

Updated '1:40 pm bells onwards 'Tuesday 5th December 2017

Aa got oot of bed at 6:45am bells at the hotel near King's Cross and caught the 8 bells train to get yem orly az aa had to gan to graft at 2pm bells.
It took just 2 hours 20 mins to get to Darlo at 10:20 bells (250miles)-- and then the train didnt move?
An annoncement ower the train tannoy telt the packed carriages that the train woz gannin "No where!" az somebody had been hit by a train forthaa up the line!
Aftaa an hours wait on the platform we were telt that replacement busses would take us to The Toon and by the time we got there at 1 pm bells it had taken langer to get from Darlo (35miles!)than it had from Kings Cross to Darlo!

Az mentioned aa had to gan to work at 2 bells and drive to Redditch in Worcestershire and back in mee truck, which iz a 440mile roond trip!
Who would be a Toon fan!?

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