Thursday 5 October 2017


Posted '1:05pm bells' Thorsday 5th October 2017

News that the majority of the 20 Premyaa Leegue club rejected 'the BIG SIX's bid to increase their share of the TV money haz reached us! (That's Moan U, Man C, The Arse, The Liverbirds, Sporz and Chelski!)
But just who decides who the BIG SIX are??
It's not so lang ago that Chelski were strugglin' az well az Man City, who even dropped into the 3rd tier of Inglish futbaall in the late 80s
A record low crowd of bearly 3,000 torned up for one game v Macclesfield and Chelski were getting below 20,000 before the very rich Russian torned up!

In othaa words IF a very rich Saudi prince bought 'us' then we would be in the same bracket az them (THE BIG SEVEN?)

For me the TV deal iz fair and it works OK az the likes of Bournemoooth and Wotfaad can play on a leveller playin field az their share iz the same az the rest!

It woz reported that Everton voted that the BIG SIX SHUD get a much bigger slice of the cake, which iz amazin' ---az wot they are sayin iz that their arch rivals across Stanley Park shud get much more than them! (Can yoo imagine the mackems voting for 'US' to get more than them!?)

When aa started following futbaall in the 'swingin sixties' there woz NE telly deals and the anly domestic game yoo could watch live woz the FA Cup final! (NOT EVEN the semis in them days!)

Everton were in the BIG FIVE az it woz then, alang with Moan U, The Arse, Sporz and The Liverbirds---NE sign of Man C or Chelski in them days!  
Aye!  Man C won the leegue in the 1960s, but so did 7 othaa clubs!

Because there woz ne TV deals back then, away clubs got a 3rd of the home teams gate money and this iz how the likes of Bornley and Ipswich survived!---Indeed BOTH of these teams won the old Forst Division title back then!

The 8 teams who won the old 1st Division title in the 1960s were:
1960 Bornley
1961 Sporz
1962 Ipswich
1963 Everton
1964 Liverpool
1965 Moan U
1966 Liverpool
1967 Moan U
1968 Man City
1969  Leeedz

Moan U in particular wornt happy aboot this and they got it changed, so home clubs would keep AALL of the gate money and away clubs got nowt!
(Moan U v Bornley for example would attract 50,000 with Bornley getting a 3rd of that---Bornley v Man U would attract less than 20,000, so Moan Us 'cut' woz much less!)

Once 'the change' happened then Bornley and Ipswich would struggle and this would happen today if there woznt  a level playin field!

Do we reeely want the same clubs guaranteed to win the leegue every season coz they are much richer?--NOT if yoo support one of the '14 so caalled  smaaler clubs! (ie: there would be ne chance of anyone doin a 'Lestaa'!)

Lets hope they keep it the same for the sake of futbaall!---but ne doubt somebody will put a 'spanner in the work' and derail it!

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