Friday 13 October 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 13th October 2017
Updated 'high noon bells' Saturday---onwards!

Despite assurances that live telly games up until December 18th would be announced yesterday (Thorsday), this HAZZENT materialised <(we naa aall the big words!) which leaves us in limbo once again az we (of course) cannit book trains or hotels until we naa when the games are bein played!

Once again this weekend---and for the 4th time this season, (oot of 4 away games played!) we must heed south, this time to Sooothampton for a '4 bells' Sunday kick off yet again, for the whims of SKY telly!---a near 700 mile roond trip for the THORD away game in a row on a Sunday (Swanzee '4 bells', 700 plus, Brighton '4 bells', just under 700 miles!) ('uddersfield woz a 'mere' 220 miles roond trip)

We play in Sooothampton's fairly new 'Lego Stadium' (see photo and compare to a Lego model!) in the St Mary's district of the toon (hence their nickname of 'The Saints' and name of the groond!)
NUFC will have the backin' of a MAGnificent 3,200 fans in The Norham Stand, despite the distance involed and timin' of the game
(It woz sold oot weeks ago!)

Their groond iz a clone of several 'Lego build stadiums', includin' The Smoggies, Stoke, Derby, Lestaa and Hull!

WE travel in confidence rather than trepidation az we find wor feet in the top half of the top flight and hopefully we can pick up at least a point and possibly 3!
Haidara and Dummett are both still knackered, but Atsu,Shelvey and Richie look likely to play after various injuries!
This iz wor 10th visit to St Mary's where we have lost the last 4, scorin just 1 solitary goal in the process!
Wor last win here woz back in 2004 when an own goal and a shot from Stephen Carr (remember him?) gave us a 2-1 victory 

Mikel Merino, who haz been on loan from Borussia Dortmund haz nuw signed a porminant deal for a reported £9 million quid, which iz great news az he iz a canny player!

For a match report (of sorts) and pix see 'Geordie Times' sometime on Sunday neet when we are travellin back on the train from Soothampton via King's Cross (London)
------Az per usual---watch this space for forthaa updates!

PS: Mee forst ever visit to Sooothampton woz some 48 years ago in February 1969----'The Dell' ('Ground number 8')---and av 'dug the archive match report up from that game and one from November 1984 which are printed below! 

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