Monday 9 October 2017


Posted '1:00pm bells' Munday 9th October 2017

News reaches The Geordie Times that wor next 3 games have aall been selt oot!

Sooothampton away next Sunday <(wot!---yet anothaa Sunday away day?) where we have sold wor allocation of 3,200 tickets

Palace at home on Saturday 21st October iz now completely sold oot--it's not known if Palace have taken up their full allocation of 3,200?---we expect NOT and that they will have around aboot 1,000 in level 7 of The Leazes End!

Bornley away on Munday 30th October iz sold oot az well and we will have 2,500 fans behind the goal! (wor FIFTH away game in a row where we wont be playin on the traditional Saturday '3 bells' slot) (and EIGHTH if yoo include the last 3 games from last season!)
PS: the last time we played an away game at '3 bells' on a Saturday woz at Borminghham City on March 18th!---SEVEN months ago!

And then there's the dreaded fixture list for December, where we fully expect to be playin on yet anothaa away Sunday, which just happens to be Xmas Eve v West Ham!

I told 'wor lass' and she asked me 'the deadly question'
"What will yoo do if they play on Xmas Eve?"
"You'll just have to spend Xmas Day on own then!", I defiantly replied!
"OH!" she said, "I wont need to cook the turkey then!--yoo can have it on Boxin' Day!"

Seriously! I WILL be yem for Xmas----even if I have to drive to London and back on Xmas Eve!

(see article below!)

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