Friday 20 October 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 20th October 2017

At last!---someone haz listened to 'us fans' and 'SKY' and the Premyaa Leegue (who were under immense pressure!), have decreed that aall proposed games on Xmas eve, includin NUFC @ 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of West Ham, have been abandoned and we will visit London Stadium for the very forst time on Saturday December 23rd @ 3 bells (the original time and date)

The Liverbirds and The Arse's fans aalso kicked up aboot a possible tea time kick of on Xmas eve, with ne way of getting home after the game az transport gans off orly on that day!
Their game will now be played on the Friday neet of 22nd December!

The anly downside for us iz that wor game away to The OAPs of Chelski now kicks off @ 12 30 bells on Saturday 2nd December @ SKY's bequest---which meeenz we must travel doon the day before to guarantee makin the kick off (see story below of wor visit to Sooothampton last week, when some fans missed the game when their train broke doon!)
One of THREE London away games in December! 
(We play The Arse away az well on Saturday December 16th)

For The Toon's rearranged fixtures up until 27th December see the article below this

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