Sunday 1 October 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 29th September 2017
Updated Sunday 1st October

Yet anothaa Sunday game for live telly---this time 'a home one' with a '4:30 bells' kick off!
Mitro iz available aftaa suspension and we would expect him to play some part az a goalscorer iz desperately needed aftaa Josalu's 4 easy misses in wor last 2 games!---(At least he iz getting in the positions to score--but-- he must take the chances offered to him 'on a plate' or else he will be dropped!)
Flo Lejeune iz aalso available aftaa bein' sidelined with injury

The Liverbirds arnt playin well and rumour haz it that Klopp iz off to Bayern Munich at the forst opportunity, shud they want him!
Many Scousers wouldn't be too upset at this, az their team hasn't improved since he came! (ie: they have ne chance of the leegue title)

IF we can score orly on then this will put wor visitors on the back foot, but a draw would be the most likely outcome me 'finkx'

The game iz a complete selloot with the 'Mickey Mousers' takin up their full 3,200 allocation az per usual--but they arnt 'happy chappies' az their game away to Arsenal on December 23 iz pencilled in for live telly on---XMAS EVE!--no transport to get them yem eethaa!---lets hope it doesn't happen or else this will set a 'bench mark' for the future! (SKY have asked Arsenal if they can play the game then and get stewards to work--and if the London 'dibble' can police it!)

Sunday iz aalso 'Rafa Day' az both Toon and Liverbirds fans have great affection for him! (He actually won 'little things' with them!---Like 'The Champions Leegue'!)

We hear through the grapevine that a massive Rafa banner will be unveiled by 'Gallowgate Flags' in er! 'The Gallowgate End'!

Az we write this (10 am bells) it iz p*ssin doon ootside, but hopefully it will clear up by the '4 30 bells' kick off time!

Havin beat the 'Mickey Mousers' on their last 2 visits here, we are gannin for the 'hat-trick' of victoryzzz, but many Toon fans would be happy with a draw against one of the 'so caalled' 'big six'!

A full Geordie Times match report and pix will appear here sometime this evenin OR tomorrow!
Az per usual 'watch this space'!

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