Saturday 19 August 2017


Posted '2 22 pm bells' Saturday 19th August 2017

We make wor shortest jorney of the season tomorrow (Bornley iz aboot the same distance at 230 miles roond trip from Tyneside) when we travel to 'uddersfield (Yorkshire prenoonciation-- not wors!) for wor forst away game back in the top flight
This of course iz 'uddersfield's forst  EVER home game in The Premyaa Leegue and they and their fans will be 'up for it'!--'especially after their unexpected 3-0 win at Palace last week!
(The last time they played in the top flight woz way back in 1972 in the old 1st Division!)

We beat them of course last season doon at their place and we have to say that it woz the best away atmosphere on the road!
Thats wot we can expect tomorrow, come '1 30 bells'!

Dummett, Lejeune and Yedlin are aall oot injured and Shelvey misses the next 3 games after hiz daft sendin off against Sporz
Joselu iz expected to make hiz Toon debut though!

A capacity selloot 23,000 crowd will be there, includin 2,340 Toon fans (440 more than last seasons allocation)

A full Geordie Times match report will appear here on Munday with 'live stream pub crawl pix before the game! (Er!---because of the orly kick off we will probably de just ONE 'liquid lubrication location'!

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