Monday 14 August 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Munday 14th August 2017
The Toon attack 
The Leazes goal

"Jonjo presses self destruct button!"

Wor forst game back in the top fight woz not a happy one!
We started off well az we attacked The Leazes goal but within 6 minutes Paul Dummett had to leave the field with wot looked like a calf injury to be replaced by Lascelles.

And then in the 34th minute new boy Floran Lejeune woz 'sissor kicked' by Harry Kane and he had to leave the field with wot looked like a serious injury! (A great start on wor 'retorn'!)

We were the better team and shud have scored through Dwight Gayle but he fluffed hiz chance and we went in 0 0 at half time and very pleased with wor performance!

And then the game changer----Delle Alli held onto the baall and Jonjo Shelvey  gave him a slight push and he went doon like 'a  sack of taatys' and woz sent of in the 47th minute (from wor seats 'up in the gods' we didnt see that Shelvey had stamped on Alli's ankle!)

From then on it woz 'backs to the waall' az we tried to stop last seasons runners up!
Sporz then piled on the pressure az they attacked The Leazes goal and within 13 mins of Shelvey's sendin off they made the breakthrough when the man who had 'went doon like a sack of taatys' scored with a shot across the box!

10 mins later and it woz aall ower bar the shoutin when Ben Davis doubled their lead and the game in effect woz lost.

We tried gamely to battle on, but to no avail and Sporz hit the post late on, but it 'mattered not' az they wound the clock doon!

Ne points---ne goals-- 1 sendin off---2 injurys---3rd bottom of The Premyaa!
NOT a good day 'at the office'!

Toon team: Elliot  Manquillo  Lejeune (Mbemba 34)  Clark  Dummett (Lascelles 6)  Shelvey  Hayden  Richie  Perez  Atsu  Gayle (Merino 76)

Attendance: 52,077  (some empty seats in away section   3,000 happy Sporz fans!)

The pre and post match 'gargels' took place here!
Its  10 50am bells as desperate 
Toon fans hammer on the door 
of The Bodega to let them in! 
(Kick off woz at 1 30 bells 
so we went oot orly)

Fans catch the sun ootside
Bar Loco on Leazes Park Road

A view to die for!
You can just see 
The Leazes End roof
from upstairs in Bar Loco
Inside Bar Loco

A group of Sporz fans (Sporz play in white!)
Pass Tilleys Bar on their way to
a 'burka bar'! (sic!)

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