Tuesday 22 August 2017


Posted 'high noon bells' Tuesday 22nd August
2017  *** Updated Wednesday from 'high noon bells' onwards!
(Forthaa updates at half time and full time!)
Somewhere in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham, as Friar Tuck tells Robin Hood and Maid Marion the bad news aboot the Leegue Cup draw!
"Lets hope we get knocked out!-- I dont fancy having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to watch the draw!"

Tooneet we face Forest in the Leegue Cup 2nd roond (now renamed the Carabao Cup) and IF we get through we will be in the draw at (wait for it!)---- '4 15 AM bells' on Thorsday mornin---live from CHINA!
A far eastern company iz sponserin the competition, and haz insisted the draw shud be made then ('11 15 am bells' in China) so if yoo want to hear the draw yoo will have to drag your lifeless body oot of your 'scratch pit' (bed!) at this ungodly hour and listen to it on 'TALKSPORT 'radio!

"Wot next?" we ask worsels?  a GAME that kicks off at '4 15 bells' in the mornin for the benefit of somewhere on the othaa side of the world? ---If yoo are a gamblin man/woman, then DONT bet against it!!

More madness from NUFC, this time---ticket prices for the Forest game DOUBLE in price if yoo buy them on match day!
They've done it before of course!
Its crazy!

Meenwhile, we fully expect that we will field a weakened team az Rafa wont want any new injuries aheed of wor vital Leegue game v 'The Jellied Eels Mob' of eest Landan on Saturday!
(Even aftaa Rafa 'juggles' hiz line up, we still shud be too strong for Forest )

News aalso reaches us that wor players are in dispute with club aboot bonus payments this season!---The last thing 'Rafa the Gaffer' needs as he tries to gee the players up!

Still ne sign of any quality new signins eethaa!-
7 days til the window closes---and coontin!

A full match report will appear tomorrow AFTER the cup draw ---(dont 'fink' I can stay awake that long to hear it?)--- thats providin we get through of course!

Oot of the 19 teams who have made into the 3rd roond so far, 'The NUFC mad-sad groundhoppers' have been to them aall, bar Bristol Rovers new groond ( we've been to 2 of their old groonds, but not this one!)
Oot of tooneets ties the anly possibilty of a new groond iz Rochdale, who are away to Stoke!

Az the draw iz unseeded now, with the so caalled 'big guns' enterin, anly London Stadium iz missin from wor 'list'
(A groond we will visit anyway in December in the Premyaa Leegue!)

PS: The Geordie Times haz abandoned attempts at 'live streamin' pictures from games az the reception inside St James' Park iz very poor and difficult to download!
We will however put the half time and full time score out below and download pictures after the game, away from the groond, where there iz better reception! (ie: In some nearby 'drinkin den'!)
The game kicks off at '7 45'pm bells' (unless somebody from China decides otherwise!?)
(watch this space!)

Half time score:  2  2
(Mitrovic  Aarons for Toon   Cummins for Forest)
Full time score: Lost 3  2 after extra time!
Walker scored winner for Forest.

Because of the late finish because of extra time I went straight home to my local pub to drown my sorrows! ---- IT WOZ SHUT!!!

On the plus side: At least I dont need to get up at '4 am bells' to listen to the 3rd roond draw!---OR!---take any more time off graft midweek for future Leegue Cup games!

Attendance:27,709 (1,000 Forest)

Pix to follow in tomorrows match report

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