Friday 15 May 2015


Posted '12:28pm bells' Friday 15th May 2015

We face wor 8th and last trip to 'The Smoke' this season @ QPR('10' if yoo include wor Youth Cup game @ Millwaall and resorve game against 'The Arse' @ Borehamwood!) and a more important game to play yoo couldn't imagine!

'The Rag and Bone Men' from Shepherd's Bush are aalready dead and buried in the relegation stakes followin' their 6-0 slaughter @ Man City last week and we can anly hope that they play like they did against 'The Blue Moonies' come Saturday afternoon!

We of course are ne 'world beaters' worsels havin' picked up just ONE point in the last ELEVEN weeks and if WE play like we did against Lestaa in wor last away game, then I'm afraid it's a lost cause!
We are relyin' 'heavily' on 'Broken Nose Bruce's Hull side to lose their last 2 games against Sporz in London (on the same day az us) and Man U @ home in their final game a week on Sunday! (Plus losses for The SMBs, Villa and Lestaa!)

WE are travellin' doon on the '6:30 bells' train in the mornin' and are heedin' for the London district of Holborn for the pre match 'gargels'!

Hopefully Cisse iz fit to play and we put in a better performance like we did against West Brom in wor last home game, when we 'secured' a point from the giants? of the West Midlands (1 point oot of the last 27 by the way!)

These are indeed desperate times for anybody of a black n white persuasion and anythin' less than a win <(wots one of those?) could put us in the bottom 3 (shud Hull win!)

Match report and pix will be forthcomin' sometime on Sunday <(if aa can bring meesel to de it!)

PS: 'IF' we gan into wor last game of the season on Sunday week against West Ham and we are SURE of wor Premyaa Leegue status, then we predict that 'The Fat Controller' WILL definitely be there in the directors box!
However!---shud we NOT be safe from relegation, then we  predict that  he WONT be there! <(ie: the act of a coward not able to face hiz tormentors!)

PPS: for a archive match report from wor game against QPR in London 47 years ago, gan to ground '006 loftus road, qpr' in the right hand column!
 (archive grounds match report list)

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