Friday 22 May 2015


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 22nd May 2015

WELL!--- the weekend iz aalmost upon us az we contemplate the consequences of a possible demotion to the Championship once again under The Fat Controller's 8 year tenure at The Toon.

With average gates of 50,000 plus we shud never ever be in this situation--but yet again we are!

I can't find ONE Toon fan who thinx we can beat West Ham on Sunday and yoo can bet your bottom dollar that 'Fat Sam' will want hiz 'revenge' for hiz sackin' from NUFC a few years ago! <(by The Fat Controller!)

Ne wins in TEN make very sorry readin' and it will be desperate stuff come '3 bells' Sunday az the nation watches from beyond their telly screens <(It's been moved to SKY's MAIN MATCH of the day!)

We are therefore relyin' on Man U to de us a favour <(az if they would?) by eethaa beatin' or drawin' with Hull--which will send them doon!---However!--- Hull have a better goal difference than us and shud they win and we draw or lose, then it will be us who face life in the abyss next season!

Realistically, Man U can anly finish 4th (unless they get a cricket score!) and so we expect a much changed team to line up at 'The KC' in Hull from them az they have nowt to play for!

Ne doubt that everybodys 'mobile' will be tuned into just wots gannin' on at Hull from St James' and fingers will be bitten to the bone come '5 bells' on 'Survival Sunday' afternoon!< (az SKY have inevitably dubbed it!)

Aaall dependin' on the outcome, 'The Geordie Times' will publish the match report on Munday <(if we are safe!) and 'god naaz when' if we are not!

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