Friday 1 May 2015


Posted 'high noon bells' Friday 1st May 2015

Next up on the list iz a trip to Lestaa on Saturday it wot haz now become (yet anothaa!) not lose game az we gan into May, still not knowin' just which  division we will be in next season!
Lestaa lost on Wednesday neet to Chelski to end their '4 win streak' and now face a Toon side hopin' to avoid wor 8th loss on the bounce!

We can see 'Pieman' Carver's tactics now!----10 at the back and hope and pray for a point in a goal-less draw! <(lets hope we divvint play in that 'horrid' grey number?) <(it brings us ne luck!)

Shud we fail (and we probably will!) 'The Basil Brush Brigade' will then be just ONE point behind us with THREE games to gan!
Wor allocation of just 1,900 tickets iz selt oot ,az iz the rest of the groond and there iz sure to be a white hot atmosphere to greet us!

We are travellin' doon by train tomorrow @ 7:30 bells' via York, Sheffield and Derby and will be in 'the club' where we normally gan, with (hopefully!) plenty of time to get 'comatosed' before the match which kicks off at 12:45 for the telly!  <(Note the wrang kick off time printed on the match ticket above!) ^^^

History lesson: We forst played @ Leicester 'Fosse' <(az they were then known)  121 years ago on 20th October 1894 in the old 2nd Division, when we drew 4-4 in a thrillin' encoontaa!.
Charlie Dixon, Bill Thompson, Jock Smith and Bobby Willis got wor goals in front of an 8,000 crowd

Aall time record: Played 118, Won 51, Drawn 28, Lost 39

Geordie Times history: a 1st Division game 44 years ago when we lost 3-0 @ Filbert Street---28,792 were present to witness it!
If yoo 'fink things are bad now--then 'fink' again!---Exactly to the day of tomorrows game on 2nd May 1992, we played Lestaa to avoid relegation to the 3rd Division! ('Geordie Times' archive match report now below!)

A full 'Geordie Times' match report and pix on tomorrow's game will appear here on Sunday sometime

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