Thursday 28 February 2013


Updated '4:30pm bells' Thorsday 28th February 2013


HORRIRFYIN' news haz reached 'The Geordie Times' that Lazio of Rome have been ordered to play their next TWO Europaa Leegue games behind closed doors because of crowd trouble, startin' with their home game against Stuttgart on March 14th.

Shud 'THEY' get through and 'WE' get through to the next roond, then there iz the distinct possibility that 'THEY' could get drawn against 'US', which would meen that 'NO' Toon fans would be allowed to gan to The Olympic Stadium in Rome!<(lets hope and pray that the Jawmans progress!)

Just where 'The Geordie Times' would LIKE and NOT LIKE to gan to next IF we reach the last 8!

Gold=Yes we'd like to gan here-pleeeze!
Pink=No Thanx!--visas required!
Yellow=Better than some!
Purple=Tooo dangerous!
Blue='Behind closed doors' so we DEFINATLEEE divvint want this one!
Green=Been here before and got the 'tee shirt' so we divvint want to gan again!

Pizen of Poland v Fenebache of Torkey
Stuttgart of Jawmany v Lazio of Italy
Steaua of Romania v Chelski of England
Benfica of Portugal v Bordeaux of France
Sporz of England v Inter Milan of Italy
Levante of Spain v Rubin of Rushaa
Basel 'Fawlty' of Switzerland v Zenit of Rushaa

That's just THREE oot of FOURTEEN that we'd like to gan te!  

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