Friday 8 February 2013


Updated '3:33pm bells' Friday 8th February 2013

For the second home game in a row The Toon U21 resorve side played a game behind closed doors @ Darsley Park, Benton this afternoon against 'The P*ss Potts of Stoke'
'The Geordie Times' haz said this before!---(and we'll say it again!)>Just wot benefit iz there in playin' in a field in front of ne spectators apart from a couple of dozen club officials, family and press, when theeze kids cud be hoyed in at 'the deep end' in front of 50,000 plus, shud they be needed in the future?

There's a gap of twelve days between the Chelski and Metalist home games, so why couldn't they have arranged it to be played @ St James' to give the players at least some much needed 'stadium expierience' and let the fans watch the kids?
Az it iz, we had to rely (once again!) on wor faithful carrier pigeon 'Porcy' to fly ower the action to bring yoo this excluusive match report, which haz just 'winged' it's way to us!

The Toon U21 resorves 3
'The P*ss Potts of Stoke U21 resorves 0

"Coo!-Coo!" "The Toon took the lead through new boy Massadio Haidra in the 14th minute with a low shot which beat their keeper!"
"The lead waz doubled qwaata of an hour later when Adam Campbell struck a shot which reboonded off one of their defenders and it went straight into the net!"

"With just ten mins gone in the 2nd half we were three up from an 18 yard effort by Jon Quinn and that's the way it stayed til the final whistle!"

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