Sunday 17 February 2013


Posted '10:00am bells' Sunday 17th February 2013

Grainy action from The Heed against The Toon resorves
in a pre season friendly last August @ Gatesheed Stadium
The Toon's Connor Newton heeds past The Heed keeper!
(The Toon won 4-1)

Although this website iz mainly aboot NUFC, we do keep a lookoot for the otha Tyneside based non leegue teams and wor attention iz drawn to the sorry plight of Conference side Gatesheed FC in particular.
Unable to play home games at the Gatesheed International Stadium because of the state of the pitch, 'The Heedbangers' have been forced to move at least SEVEN games to 'Monkey Hangers Land' in Hartlepool!

They DID ask NUFC if they could use St James' Park for one of their games but were not suprizingly torned doon az 'The Toon' won't even let wor OWN reserves play there for fear of damagin' the pitch!

TEN of their last ELEVEN home games have had to be postponed and a home FA Trophy tie against Barrow had to be switched to their home groond instead (which Gatesheed lost!)

With average gates doon to the 500/600 mark in the soulless 11,000 seater bowl we fear the worst! 
Just how many of 'The Heedbangers' that still gan will make the 7 times 60 mile roond trip to The Victoria Groond???
'The Geordie Times' will make an effort to gan to at least one of those games which will meen that we will have actually seen them play home games on FOWER different groonds!

The other three are: Redheugh Park (now demolished), The Gatesheed International Stadium and (believe it or not!?) St James' Park!
(When wor resorves used to play at Gatesheed Stadium, the then NUFC directors kindly let Gatesheed use St James' for one Conference game when one of their games clashed with an athletics meeting a few years ago!  (v Yeovil Toon)

'Heed' games to be played @ The Victoria Groond:
Tue 19th Feb 7:45 Wrexham
Sat 2nd Mar 3:00 Braintree
Tue 19th Mar 7:45 H/ford<("I hate them that much I carnt bring myself to type their full name!")
Tue 26th Mar 7:45 Grimsby
Sat 30th Mar 3:00 Soothport
Tue 9th Apr 7:45 Nuneaton
Tue 16th Apr 7:45 Stockport

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