Sunday 24 February 2013


Updated '10:45am bells' Sunday 24th February 2013

Today we must torn wor attention away from wor Europaa Leegue exploits and concentrate on the Premyaa Leegue where we will play a crucial game against Sooothampton @ St James' in a '1:30 bells' kick off.

Results yesterday were mixed and we now find worsels just THREE points above 'the abyss'!
We are level on points with wor opponents and a win would give us some breathin' space in the fight at the bottom of the table.

The bad news for us iz that wor forst choice goalie Tim Krul who sustaned an ankle injury in the Ukraine on Thorsday neet, iz likely to be oot for aroond aboot five weeks.
Second choice keeper Steve Harper iz aalso reported to be carryin' an injury which lets in Rob Elliot for hiz Premyaa Leegue debut.

Today haz been declared 'French Day' by NUFC in acknowledgement of the number of 'Frenchies' who will be in wor side today and face painters will be on hand to paint your face red, white and blue!
The visitors have sold their allocation of tickets and a near capacity crowd iz expected!

Match report to follow much later!   

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