Wednesday 6 February 2013


Posted '10:20am bells' Wednesday 6th February 2013

Dunston(in blue) attack the Billingham goal
With ne midweek matches to gan te for the Toon's forst team, resorve or junior sides, it waz decided by 'yours trueleee', to heed to a freezin' caad Dunston UTS Stadium last neet to 'test oot' mee thermals for the trip to Metalist Karkiv in a fortneets time where Ukrainian temperatures are expected to drop to az low az minus FIFTEEN degrees by the time the game kicks off!
Thermal socks, vest and lang johns! were the order of the day @ Dunston, alang with a thick jumper, coat, scarf and woolly hat!<(god!---I'm gettin' soft!)

It haz to be said that aalthough it had snowed through the day, it had stopped by the time the match kicked off and the temperature in the wind chill waz aboot minus two!

Aboot a 100 or so hardy souls torned oot for this Northern Leegue encoonta and the players, to their credit, were NOT wearin' gloves when the game kicked off and many were in short sleeved shirts!<(They're a hardy lot in this leegue!) 
If it waz a Premya Leegue game two miles away ower the waata @ St James', I wud guess that nearly AALL the pampered players wud be wearin' thick gloves and lang sleeves!

Anyway!---the game waz played on a very heavy clarty pitch and ended in a 'ones each' bore draw with Andy 'Bully' Bulford scorin' hiz 100th leegue goal for the 'Bad Blue Boys' from the penalty spot!
Mee thermals did their job, BUT az the temp wasn't THAT low, aa can anly hope that they 'de the trick' in Karkiv!?<(or else aall freeze to death!)

Footnote: (from the official Dunston site)

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