Tuesday 26 February 2013


Updated '2:25pm bells' Tuesday 26th February 2013

Forst of aall, apologeez for not updatin' this website yesterday, but I waz awoken from my slumbers @ '10:30am bells' (after workin' a nightshift) by 'The Caped Crusader', tellin' me some devistatin' news that rocked me to the core!

NOT that anybody had 'snuffed it' or owt like that, but that wor planned trip to Moscow in just ower a weeks time with 'Thomas Cook Travel', which we had booked on Friday had been-----CANCELLED!!!--- due to lack of bookings, and according to today's 'Ronny-Gill' (below) anly 22 had actually booked up!

This waz mainly due to fans facin' the 'minefield' of fillin' in a Rushan visa form online <(which we were told cud take up to TWO HOURS!) and then havin' the hassle of travellin' to London or Edinburgh with a copy to obtain a visa!
Plus!-- the dedicated 'Thomas Cook' on-line number to book places couldn't be phoned ower the weekend coz nebody waz there to answer them!???

With anly a week to de the visas and the shear cost of re-booking, it haz proved an impossible task for many fans who have abandoned plans to gan!

Five of us went to anotha travel agents yesterday, where we spent ower two hours plannin' anotha trip at an 'eye waaterin' price, plus a canny bit extra for gettin' wor visas 'fast-tracked', due to lack of time!

Honestly!---it haz been an absolute nightmare to organise and if there are 40 Toon fans in Moscow next week I will be very suprized!

Of course, az WE havvent had WOR visas processed yet, WE might not be gannin eetha, if they divvint come back in time OR they reject wor applications for some reason!<(they are due back on Friday!)<(fingers and toes crossed!)

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