Saturday 15 September 2012


Posted '1:35pm bells' Saturday 15th September 2012

Last neet @ Whitley park, Benton, the resorves lost 1-0 to Sooothampton in front of a paltry 324 diehards. (didn't see ANY Sooothampton fans at aall?)<(bloody part timers!)
Thankfully the wind had died doon a bit from orlier on in the day, but the anly action to taalk aboot from wor point of view in the forst half waz when JJ Hooper had a fine effort which clipped the post in the 20th minute.
The visitors aalso had chances though, and Jak Alnwick in the Toon goal waz caalled into action a canny few times and kept the scoreline blank at the interval.  

The one and anly goal of the game came after five minutes of the 2nd half when a certain S. McQueen finally beat Alnwick from aboot 10 yards oot!>>>>>

The main taalkin' point of the half from then on, waz how we were gettin' to Madeira next Thorsday for wor Europa league tie, az the action on the pitch waz aall Sooothampton!

Another taalkin' point waz the absence of 'Blondie Alan the Morris Dancer', who, we were telt waz at hiz mates Chateau near Bordeaux for some wine tastin'! ("WOT!")
Er!---it waz aalso revealed by a 'Geordie Times undercover reporter' that 'Blondie' waz a f***** choir boy in hiz distant past!)< there's NE hidin' place from 'The Geordie Times'!
('Blondie' haz threatened to sue 'The Geordie Times' for defamation of character, but we will NOT be bullied by anyone!---we anly print the TRUTH!---and in any case, wor piggy bank iz empty now, with havin' to pay for the three forthcomin' European away ties!)

Later on this mornin' wor U18s take on the SMB U18s @ The Academy of SHhhh! 'Yee Naa Wot'
The postcode iz: SR6 7UN  (Kick off iz @ '11:00 bells')(so yi'd better hurry if yih gannin!)

ER!---just foond oot!--- we lost 4-2 with wor goals comin' from Alex Gilliead and Macauley Gilhespy

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